Kay Malia ba sa La Luna Sangre Kinuha ni Pokwang ang pangalan ng kanilang anak?

Pokwang gave birth to baby girl with Lee O’Brian named Malia Francine.
Many wondered if Pokwang named her daughter after Kathryn Bernardo’s character in La Luna Sangre.
Pokwant denied it and explained the name.


On January 18, Thursday, Pokwang gave birth to Malia Francine, her daughter with her partner, Lee O’Brian. She expressed her happiness of receiving a blessing even when she already became forty-five years old.
Pokwang expressed her genuine happiness for having an angel.
“Sobrang happy lang lahat, lahat positibo. Hindi ba parang answered prayer? At my age nakahabol kami ng isang anghel.”
Lee also revealed that they didn’t know if they could reproduce.
“Sobra-sobra, maraming-maraming suwerte kasi hindi sigurado kung puwede. Mayroong bata, sobrang masaya.”
Many wondered whether she named it after Kathryn Bernardo’s character in La Luna Sangre.

“Yung Malia kasi pinagsama yung Marlyn, yung nanay niya (Lee’s mother), at Gloria naman yung nanay ko so naging Malia. Nagkataon din naman yung Marietta (Pokwang’s real name) at Lee kapag pinagsama.”, Pokwang explained.

Then, she continued its connection with La Luna Sangre.
“Then a week later La Luna Sangre came out and we found out about it and we’re like coincidence.”
Lee shared that they also started planning to have a wedding but they would rather focus more on their daughter.
“Right now we are focused on Malia. She needs all our attention and she needs to get better. Mamang needs to get better, but siguro.”

Pokwang shared her message for her boyfriend.
“Babe, maraming-maraming salamat for being the nanay ng anak ko. Kasi ikaw ang sobrang espesyal, sobrang mahalaga ng buhay ko. Mahal na mahal kita. Maraming salamat din sa pagiging very supportive na tatay at saka sa tiyaga. Thank God everyday for this wonderful blessing.”
In March, Lee’s parents will be in the Philippines from San Francisco, California to see their granddaughter personally. Source: msn.com


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