No More Bullying. Let’s end this #Krisis because I refuse to be her victim.

As a teacher in UP, I know I have told over thousands of my students to always fight for what is right and what is just. Honor always before Excellence as we serve the nation and build our country. And now I’m here, fighting for my personal honor and excellence.

The past four months have been the most challenging and stressful chapter of my life, and I’m prepared to share my side of the story. Remember, I was her Manager who built her so-called queendom online, so the nerd that I am, I always do my homework and prepare for battle here on social media. 
Unlike her, my family and I do not announce nor parade ourselves irresponsibly just to get the attention of people. As a family of professionals, we follow the rule of law and we abide by the security protocol advised by my lawyers and family members. 
No amount of disease is grave enough to escape the fact that she is the true villain. How can there be discussions or talks when she portrayed herself as the victim when she herself:
1) Banned me from going to her house / village and even calling me “worse than her ex-husband”
2) Bullied and harassed everyone around me — even to the point of hiring trolls and PR agency to message each and every friend / follower I have on social media sending links about her accusations — you would be shocked with what her resources can do 
3) Filed baseless cases so she can be a powerful brat/oligarch/bully forcing us into her narrative, even wanting my mom and sister to profusely apologize to her in public. FYI, she even sent advance copies of her webisodes as a threat to us and intimidate us to follow all of her orders
4) Name dropping all of your connections and and army of lawyers to foreshadow your victory 
5) Her strength with her words and how she spins stories will always be a work of art. If you will deeply analyze, she NEVER denied making grave threats, but her lawyers played her meek i-am-a-mother role to diffuse the allegations.

Fabricating the truth is worse than lying. And she mastered that art. People do NOT know the real toxic her! And I just want her out of my life.