10.31 Round 11 – Penultimate round to Pacquiao

“I won that round, right?” Broner asks his corner. Not too sure about that, but it was certainly closer as the American lands a few shots. But punch volume favours Pacquiao and he did enough to win the round. 10-9.

10.27 Round 10 – Pacquiao stalking Broner

Not the finest round of the fight, but again it’s the champion who does enough to win it. Broner spends the second half of the round running from Pacquiao while offering little attack. 10-9 Pacquiao just.

10.23 Round 9 – Broner stunned again!

Pacquiao has Broner backing up again after a left straight down the pipe. The American’s defensive skills and strong chin resist Pacquiao’s subsequent barrage. 10-9 Pacquiao. Again.

10.19 Round 8 – Pacquiao in control

Broner regains his feet after staring into the abyss during Round 7, and manages to land a few decent shots. But it’s Pacquiao again who lands far more to claim the round. 10-9 to the champ.

10.15 Round 7 – Broner in trouble!

Pacquiao has Broner in deep, deep trouble but the American holds on desperately to survive the round. The left cross set up the initial attack. Another 10-9 round for Pacquiao.

10.11 Round 6 – Pac on the attack

Broner lands flush with the final exchange of the round, but Pacquiao was the far more effective fighter for the previous two minutes and 45 seconds. Pacquiao with a super body shot to rock Broner slightly. Pacquaio 10-9.

10.06 Round 5 – ‘A chess match’

More of the same as Pacquiao continues to come forward and Broner stays out of range to work on the counter. Showtime goes to Floyd Mayweather ringside who calls the fight “a chess match”. He has Pacquiao ahead by one or two rounds. Pacquiao did a bit more to win the round, 10-9.

10.02 Round 4 – Better from Broner

Broner starts the round with a couple of effective combos. Pacquiao rushing his shots. Broner then ends the round with another fine combo. Broner does enough to claim his first round 10-9.

9.58 Round 3 – Pacquiao starts to land

Pacquiao displays blistering hand speed (is he seriously 40 years old??) to trouble Broner who spends much of the round back tracking. Each attack met with huge cheers from the crowd. There’s no doubting who they’re supporting.

Pacquiao’s best round so far. 10-9.

9.54 Round 2 – Pacquiao on the attack

Pacquiao the far busier and attacking fighter, some quick combos exciting the crowd but nothing to truly trouble Broner. Another round for Pacquiao but Broner looking to strike on the counter. Pacquiao 10-9.

9.50 Round 1 – Bright start from Pacquiao

Pacquiao on the front foot in the opening exchanges as Broner looks to counter-punch. A relatively cagey first round. 10-9 Pacquiao.