A death threat is a death threat and should never be taken lightly. Saying it was a bluff is your QUICK FIX to everything.

You said it yourself when you filed cyber-libel against my brother, “Isn’t it logical to assume that the “resbak” will be major? Because it’s the sole member carrying the last name who is keeping the legacy alive that came under attack.” You premeditated everything. You told me to go abroad and when I did, threatened me to not to dare step in this country or I will be dead. It was all apparently part of your script to project my absence as “flight is guilt” and you harassed me for four months to play along — but I REFUSED. 
I will never forget that you instructed your lawyers for my mom to ask for forgiveness because you got hurt that I am leaving you and KCAP — but she REFUSED. 
I will never forget how you bullied my friends, stakeholders and project managers to portray yourself as the victim, threatened them that they will be collateral damages — but they REFUSED. 
You have a serious mental problem. I did not steal anything from you, it was you who stole my reputation, my freedom, and my relationships. But you will not be successful because the public has now seen your attempted robbery.

Try FIXING your life first before FIXING for others! 
PS: We both know you want to run in 2022 because it’s your so-called destiny. After the sickness drama, you’re back to being healthy. You just needed an excuse for missing a lot of your work last year.

Photos courtesy of instagram: @nix722