LOOK: KC Concepcion’s P21.7M worth diamond watch



(Song Credit: Handog ng Pilipino by the APO, @jimparedes, @reginevalcasid, @msleasalonga from the Memorial Tribute Album PAALAM, Maraming Salamat 2009 from @starmusicph) May diskusyon, may tumutol, at maraming nag a-alala… na explain ko po sa ATE ko 1. Kasama yung 2 boys & @bincailuntayao, @rbchanco & @rochelleahorro 2. Sasamahan & babantayan ng very caring & trustworthy doctor; 3. Susunod si @alvingagui (w/ my Filipiniana gowns) & @nix722; 4. Maraming kaibigan na Fil-Am in the medical field sa LA; and ang pinaka importante for me, this was my 1 chance to represent our country & showcase Philippine designs proudly made in the 🇵🇭 for a Hollywood red carpet event… i hoped they’d understand that if @crazyrichasians would be the last movie listed in my acting credits, their baby sister was given the best finale to something she dreamed of since she could talk & passionately loved for 31 years starting w/ @motherlilym’s “Mother Studio Presents” on @gmanetwork in 1987- BECAUSE in 2018 she was portraying a PRINCESS in a grand @wbpictures production. (Before this is misinterpreted- i have many endorsement commitments & TALK/lifestyle streaming programs i am excited to work on- BUT portraying any full length roles now seems unlikely in the foreseeable future because of the limitations that my current state of health imposes.) #gratitude #proudpinoy #ichooselove 💛💙❤️

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Eto na ba ang gown na irarampa ni Kris Aquino sa red carpet ng Crazy Rich Asians?

My nephew @jiggycruz sent me the whole interview. #family 💛 My KCAP team led by @paanipedro edited the meaningful moment for me… i was grateful to watch & hear all the generous words to describe me Mr. Curtis Chin used BUT to actually view @kevinkwanbooks answer in reference to me “she’s a highlight of the movie, for me, she’s a highlight…” what more could a girl who only dreamed of this say but- THANK YOU Kevin, for the affirmation, but more importantly for appreciating that we Filipinos are @crazyrichasians #superfans… i know my part would never have been “tweaked” had it not been because Kevin wanted to reciprocate the #lovelovelove ❤️❤️❤️ we Filipinos have from book 1 📚👓 consistently supported him with. (The clips we included are from the audition we submitted to the @crazyrichasians casting directors & producers; after the Philippine theatrical release on August 22- we’ll hopefully be able to upload most of it on my official FB page & my @youtube The Aquinos channel.) The 1st few steps of this journey wouldn’t have begun had it not been for @jhett_tolentino & @agentchrislee connecting w/ me through many mutual friends namely @missizacalzado, Manang Nene Chan, and Cong @lenalonte. (Now you can understand why i managed to exercise restraint & nag #carebears kung may ilan na gustong i-downplay & maliitin yung pagkasali ko sa @crazyrichasians, 🎬🎥because i chose to believe in the wisdom of the saying: Work hard in SILENCE, let SUCCESS make the noise… i’m very blessed because i never had to utter a word- the writer & creator of the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy already said it all for me. He truly is another of my very special guardian angels. #kevinkwanislove👼) #positivitywins #gratitude #proudpinoy #philippines 🇵🇭💛💙❤️🇺🇸

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Kevin Kwan to Kris Aquino, “she’s a highlight of the movie, for me, she’s a highlight…”

Kris has been dubbed the “Queen of All Media” in her home country of the Philippines because of her extensive television and social media career and presence. In the movie, she plays the snobbish Malay Princess Intan, who refuses to speak with anyone. Teen Vogue

Kris Aquino featured on US Teen Vogue magazine


(TAKE TWO. WITH ONLY ALL MY HAPPY!) This is a rendition of the back of the house which Conrad Onglao designed for us. I was going to build it but changed my mind. I have other ideas for it in my head and I don’t mind taking my time in making these changes. Baka mamaya ayoko na lumipat! First change: Shrink it. @conrad_onglao Conrad please do not strangle me but I want to change na naman some things! Hahahaha! Seriously, this drawing represents three stories (you don’t see the basement level). Spanning 5 lots totalling approximately 4,000 sqm, the house alone was going to have a floor area of 3,500 sqm. Now my house in Wack-Wack Village was also huge (that one had an attic spanning 3/4 the size of our ground floor, with 7 airconditioners that it could totally have become a whole “condo” unit kung may banyo lang; an elevator, a dumbwaiter (food elevator para di lagi kailangan mag jogging o golf cart ang mga katulong namin sa bahay! Lab ko sila eh. Ayan na-spoil. May mga naglakihan ang ulo. Bye!) – but this one was gonna be “huger.” Then we moved to this condo floor, which, to us, seems cozier and has made us become “closer.” The farmhouse is also lovely. After all, a home is where you are happy with your loved ones. I’ll just build something for what grows with us through the years – big enough to hold my and all our stuff, though! But our living space where we actually live and interact? We need cozy. 😊❤️🌸

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Sharon Cuneta posts her huge mansion then told netizens, “Envy can kill. Please envy me!”

The bag that Sailor destroyed was a Chanel Cambon black quilted leather shoulder bag.

According to, this bag had an initial retail price of $3,995 or PHP213,021.39.


Kaisa-isang mamahaling Chanel bag ni Aiai delas Alas Nginatngat ni dogie

Before any false speculation let it come from me- i had an anaphylactic reaction during my outdoor shoot yesterday afternoon that challenged all my environmental allergies in 🇮🇩, the EpiPen in my medical emergency kit helped save me… Many GUARDIAN ANGELS worked together to fly me home asap directly from Semarang. Pagbigyan nyo na po na di na mag detalye at MAGPASALAMAT lamang ng buong puso sa lahat ng tumulong para mauwi po ako. Thank you to the Cardinal Santos team: @yooosheen @kingge7407 & Abdiel na nagsundo sa airport at siniguradong correct hydration & medication ang mabigay sa kin. Thank you to my doctors here in the 🇵🇭. i need 5 days of total rest to flush out all allergens that attacked my body… Nobody wanted this to happen & i just thank God for his merciful blessings & that i’m home w/ my family. Will be back here on IG when fully recuperated. P.S. if you ever doubt about the compassion & kindness of people- please think of me & what i survived because there are many good people in this world- i can give witness to that.

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Kris Aquino nalagay sa peligro habang nagsho-shooting sa Indonesia